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Bull Lease Program

As part of the Certified Piedmontese bull development program, bull leasing allows ranchers to eliminate the major costs associated with purchasing and maintaining herd bulls outside the breeding season. At the same time, calf contract purchases offer the added benefits of eliminating commissions and trucking costs, in addition to substantial Certified Piedmontese premiums. Consistent and practical, the program is a great business opportunity for profit-minded commercial cattlemen.

Lone Creek Cattle Company aims to combine the traditional care and husbandry standards of quality stockmanship with the industry’s leading science in genetics and reproduction to benefit both ranchers and consumers.

Our bull development program focuses on the importance of a terminal bull battery developed to meet moderate birth weight, high feed efficiency, and excellent carcass characteristics, in addition to being founded on humane handling and responsible land management practices. Only the top Piedmontese sires are selected for the breeding herd, ensuring that the breed's production, health, and disposition are continuously improving, which ultimately allows Lone Creek Cattle Company to provide a high-quality, more consistent meat product for the consumer.

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