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Redefining ranching standards across the Midwest.

Wide open spaces

To maintain the integrity of the Piedmontese breed, we only partner with producers who are willing to meet our strictly defined ranching practices that meet all Verified Natural Beef™ requirements.

Raise 'Em Right

Certified Piedmontese emphasizes high ethical standards to raise healthy cows by employing humane, low-stress handling techniques and cutting-edge research in animal science and stockmanship. The cattle are raised in the most comfortable environment possible.

Progressive ranching protocols such as EID (Electronic Identification) tagging technology, database tracking initiatives, DNA testing to confirm heritage, and voluntary third-party audits are utilized to ensure we provide beef that meets our high standards for care, handling, and quality.

Good &

Our planet's soil is the key to a healthy, thriving future - and regenerative farming practices are one of its biggest champions. By following five simple Soil Health Fundamentals, we make sure our land supports us for years to come!

We didn't invent it. We aren't the only ones who do it. It's what Midwestern cattlemen and ranchers have done for centuries and will do so for centuries to come.

At Lone Creek Cattle Company, we believe that regenerative agriculture isn't just a definition--it's a way of life. By taking holistic management practices and utilizing them to go further than "traditional" farming methods, our team helps invigorate the soil, encourage biodiversity and decrease carbon emissions! It's all part of being stewards of the land.

The Brass Tacks

  • Traceability

    Where Food Comes From, Inc. is the number one provider of certification and verification services to the food industry in the United States. It provides consumers with authentic and transparent information about the food on their family dinner table, including how, where, and by whom it was produced.

  • Project Non-GMO

    Our Grass Fed, Grass Finished line of beef now carries The Non-GMO Project claim, certifying our cattle feed is free of GMOs.

  • Responsible Resource Management

    We are a vertically integrated farming & ranching company. We invest in local crops and farmland to grow our feedstuffs, ensuring high quality and consistent supply of grains needed to sustain cattle through their finishing phase. This minimizes resource usage and makes us less vulnerable to market volatility.

  • Environmental Sustainability

    For most of their lives, cattle are raised in their natural environment on pastures that are managed to reduce over-grazing, ensuring pasture resources flourish with each growing season. Many of our ranch and farm lands also have sustainable energy measures in place, both solar and wind energy, on areas that are not used for cattle grazing. We truly believe in being loyal stewards to our animals, our lands, and our environment.

  • PaleoFLEX™ The Paleo Diet

    Lone Creek Cattle Co., is the first food brand to meet the stringent, science-based standards for quality and health set by the new PaleoFLEX™ certification from The Paleo Diet.

  • Humane Animal Handling

    Ranchers are committed to low-stress, humane handling techniques, which means zero tolerance for willful acts of abuse or neglect.

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